Celebrities Oops Moments 2016

Epic fail!
December 19, 2016

The downside of being a celebrity is that everything you do, absolutely anything, will be shared on social media and will stay there forever. It’s not such a big deal if a star gets his photo taken while hanging out with friends or walking down the street. But imagine the embarrassment when a celeb is caught in a hilarious fall or having a wardrobe malfunction. Well, a celebrity should at least have a sense of humor to get through this humiliation. We just couldn’t say goodbye to 2016 without showing you the most hilarious and embarrassing celebrity moments this year. Enjoy!


Kim Kardashian’s Marylin Monroe attempt

It seems that poor Kim Kardashian didn’t check the weather report that day in Beverly Hills. Her skirt had suddenly decided to blow up in the air while she was on a shopping spree. But considering she went for more “osé” looks on purpose, we don’t suppose this was much of an embarrassment for her.


Kim Kardashian again

Again, Kim Kardashian went through a major wardrobe malfunction as she was getting into her car after attending her step sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday. The reality star exposed her panties in a pose that was far from graceful.


Harry Styles’ food fight

Playing with food has its consequences… Harry Styles along with his One Direction band mates were performing at G-A-Y nightclub where a lively food fight took place. Harry slipped on a piece of cake, and everyone started pointing and laughing! We feel bad for him though.


Ariana Grande’s on air fall

During a live interview on the Billboard Awards red carpet, Ariana Grande tripped and almost fell. Thankfully, she grabbed the spokeswoman beside her (and almost made her fall too).


Bella Hadid’s pantie free day

Bella Hadid picked the wrong day to skip putting on panties. While at the Cannes Festival, the model accidentally revealed her crotch! Her dress’s thigh-high slit was maybe a bit too high.