Celebrities who donated to help the Australian wildfire

Praying for rain
By Helena Saadeh
January 12, 2020

Although the forest fires started in October, there are no signs of slowing down and things could get worse before they get better. In order to help firefighters and NGOs, celebrities are donating and spreading awareness on the individual role that each of us can play in helping Australia to overcome this natural disaster, even from abroad. Australian actor Nicole Kidman and singer Kylie Minogue donated $500,000 each, Kylie Jenner donated $1,000,000, while Selena Gomez donated $3m (£2.2m) and urged to her Twitter followers to give what they can. ‘I’m making a donation and would love if you would consider doing the same if you can,’ she tweeted.

American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres used her recap to retweet teenage activist Greta Thonberg's emotional engagement on climate change and the need for immediate political action, while Naomi Watts praised the hidden wildlife of the country and released a clip showing the calm nature of Byron Bay last night.  

Lebanese-Australian influencer Jessica kahawaty posted photos and videos on her Instagram account, with emotional captions and link to donate money to help the Asutralian Red Cross.

Not only the biggest Hollywood stars are taking action but also the British royal family, as Queen Elizabeth made the following statement: "I was deeply saddened to hear the bush fires going on and their devastating impact in many regions of Australia, I thank the emergency services and those who put their lives at risk by helping the needy societies."

However, the biggest impact to date could have been Australian actress Celeste Barber who launched a Facebook fundraising campaign for the New South Wales Fire and Wind Windsurfing Fund which hit a record of a $28m.

With millions of dollars rising so far and calls to action by those near and far, it is clear that the heroic efforts of Australian firefighters have not gone unnoticed all over the world.