Chanel Spring 2019 Must-Have Items

Style is eternal, Fashion fades
By Helena Saadeh
January 02, 2019

Bag Belt with a Twist

We understand that bag belts are a trend, but how about a bag necklace-like bag? Chanel hit the runway the upcoming season with a very original style that can hold an entire outfit together. As a final touch for your attire, wrap that bag around your blazer and twist your neck with a chain from the bag itself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing more necklaces too!


If this isn’t the trademark of Chanel, the fashion house majorly stood out in the blazer industry. Comfy and chic, the blazer comes in many colors and styles, but the theme is always elegance. Chanel’s Spring 2019 collection did not go unnoticed, the brand made sure its name was sewed on almost every item.

Dangle Belts

These Chanel belts bring out the edgy side of formal fashion. Most preferably worn over black pants, these dangle belts are always a good idea to finalize your look and make the world your runway. As you move, they move with you and their blings will keep all eyes on you.

Leather Gloves

There is no better way to show your gloves and fashion taste than holding two Chanel bags. These gloves will keep you warm and show your freshly applied manicure. These gloves can literally be worn with any outfit and make it look more stable and sustainable.


Chanel put the “S” in necklaceS. It seems that the brand is preparing us for a year full of accessories wrapped around your neck. Not one, not two, but many necklaces will perfectly blend with your whole Chanel outfit and you can also match them with many bracelets.


Simple wide mirror shades will do the work this season. But Chanel knows better than that: the only way to master the perfect eyewear is to match it with complementary lipsticks and hairstyles. For more make up tips you can check out article on how to choose lipsticks.