Channing Tatum Playing a Mermaid?

We sure would like to see that!
August 02, 2016

Channing Tatum will be playing a mermaid in the remake of Splash. As you can figure, the role was originally meant for a woman, but the director decided to swap genders.

This remake features Tatum, and Jillian Bell who will take on the part of Tom Hanks. Ron Howard, who directed the 80s movie, will be the producer of the upcoming romantic comedy.

Numerous fans reacted to the casting news, and some of the comments are pretty hilarious! One post says “If mermaid Channing Tatum isn’t the answer to your dreams, I’m not sure I can relate to you as a human.” Another fan said “Perhaps there is some light yet in this dark world.”

We bet you girls can’t wait to see his fabulous abs on the big screen!