Check Out This Miraculous Ancient Chinese Beauty Tool

It's a natural face lift!
August 08, 2018

Instagram is filled with pictures and tutorial videos of a natural beauty tool that’s been known in China for literally ages: the Gua Sha. It’s a crystal shaped facial tool that’s known for its natural face lift effect.

Nuch like the jade roller, the Gua Sha is also used by gently massaging your skin. Not only does it make your skin look a lot healthier over time, but it can actually prevent skin aging! Well, to a certain extent of course.


This is how it does its magic:

Massaging your face with a Gua Sha helps your blood to circulate better, can relieve jaw pain, can make your skin brighter, healthier, younger and it can alleviate headaches.

Simply scrape in an upward motion using this beauty tool. Place the flat part at the base of the area you want to work on (neck, shoulder, face) and stroke upward then outward. For the best results, apply some oil beforehand.


Things to look out for:

If you’re easily sunburnt, have rashes, cuts or issues with blood coagulation, don’t risk doing it.

You absolutely need to clean it with some detergent and water every few days, and it’s very important to dry it well.

Don’t put it in the fridge. The aim of this method is to promote blood flow, and the cold will only let it coagulate.