Chocolate Love

February 15, 2017

She made a notable breakthrough in the demanding world of chocolate. Her divine creations have charmed a constantly growing clientele to whom she offers delights coated with creativity.



After graduating from ALBA in artistic direction and ESA in business management, Nathalie Dimas Guerboyan has worked for more than 10 years in the field of graphic design. Master chocolatier since 2010, she merges creativity, design and quality by creating her own brand of sweets "nd".

It was by simple chance that Nathalie Dimas found her passion. She was preparing chocolate truffles one Christmas, and the unexpected success that these delights met led her to abandon her career in graphic design and develop her new interest.
She sold more than 100 kilos of truffles in a few days, signed "nd", in elegant beige-powdered toned boxes. To turn her dream into reality, Nathalie took basic pastry classes with Chef Sylvain Arthus, followed by courses at the Valrhona Grand Chocolate School, which helped her develop her know-how.
After several pop-up stores at ABC between 2010 and 2014, "nd" inaugurates its first boutique at the ABC Achrafieh in October 2014 of which Philippe Keshishian's design highlights the fine work of his chocolate creations.
Those sweets are explosions of flavors, and their panoply will continue to expand judging the creativity and the hungry desires of the chef.
Truffles, chocolate, ice cream and hot chocolate are available for chocoholics.



Prune | cognac
Chestnut cream

Biscuit with spices and slivered almonds

Florentine with fleur de sel

Parliné hazelnut chocolate milk | Feuilletine

Shortbread | Praliné hazelnut | Nougatine | Bigarade

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