Christmas in Lebanon

2019 is about solidarity
By Helena Saadeh
December 06, 2019

As our country faces a deep social and economic crisis, resilient Lebanese are showing solidarity more than ever. Every day we see initiatives by individuals and NGOs to help the ones in need. This Christmas, it’s all about sticking together to bring some joy and hope to others. Here are some NGOs to help: 

-          Lebanese Food Bank: Their mission is to fight and overcome hunger in Lebanon. You can help by donating food or money. 

-          Bet El Baraka: Their mission is to provide care and assistance to the retired Lebanese in need. They own a free eco-friendly supermarket in Karm el Zeitoun, where elderly people can shop for free, among other services.  

-          FoodBlessed: Their mission is to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon. They provide free meals and FoodBlessed Food Assistance Packages (FAPs) to those in need, ask the community to be more mindful of the food they let go to waste by offering them with practical solutions to cut down on their food waste generation and providing them with the opportunity to serve food to those in need.