Cynthia Warde: activist with a twist

June 18, 2018

Flair, dynamism, altruism and a pinch of attitude. Cynthia Warde is not your classic entrepreneur. She aspires to more solidarity and strives to makes some changes by giving a new and necessary spotlight to young Lebanese designers.
The young entrepreneur encourages the support of "Tech" ideas, she nevertheless claims recognition of the industries that are at the base of Lebanese heritage, such as craftsmen's manual work and design thinking. Instead of criticizing the absence of public power, the young woman decided to take things in her own hands.
This is when "In Action Events" was born. Its role is to create a platform for exchange and exposure of Lebanese designers for NGOs. In Action deals with NGO planning and development strategy, and fundraises events that support local creators. The organized exhibitions give the opportunity to the designers to make themselves known.
Seven years ago, his first initiative was born. For the young woman, no need to have millions to be able to show solidarity. Helping does not only belong to the rich. Everyone can contribute and it's especially those who do not have the means that help the most. Her first exhibition "Christmas in Action" was organized at Train Station, Mar Mikhael. The concept is simple but ingenious. Young Lebanese designers exhibit their products in a Christmas and holiday spirit and offer 40% of their sales to the hospital. Today, Christmas In Action brings together more than 80 commercial stalls, 30 food stations, bars, children's spaces and a music scene in a spirit of solidarity and entertainment.
Soon, Cynthia decided to convert from the world of finance to that of social entrepreneurship. Creating collective work spaces, a place where designers can come together, inspire themselves and share the costs of their production has never been such a certainty to this young altruist.
After Christmas in Action, Bashkir showcases Lebanese crafts and raises funds for the Red Cross. Then Flashback at the Printania hotel supported the association Acsauvel. All these events are based on the same cause, that of creating a development and a platform for designers while raising funds for noble associations.
Her determination is due to the eternal optimism of her mother who gave her this altruistic spirit, and to a visionary father. "Out of 10 projects you have, 9 will fail. If you do not fail these 9, the last one will never succeed," her father once told her. Today, Cynthia is involved in her mission, that of creating a platform to support traditional Lebanese production and associations that have good governance and real action.
This mother of two is particularly sensitive to everything related to the child. Her mission began with the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), and today, Cynthia collaborates with a variety of associations that work for the well-being of children such as Acsauvel, Braveheart, Himaya... everything revolves around the child. "When you become a mom, your sensitivity increases dramatically." By working alongside sick and underprivileged children, Cynthia has learned to keep hope.