Dalida Khalil in solidarity with skin diseases patients

Beauty is in the soul
By Helena Saadeh
June 13, 2019

Dalida Khalil as the guest of "Lahon w Bass" was on the show with Hisham Haddad in a special episode on the LBCI screen.

During the episode, Dalida embodied the character of a girl with a skin disease in her face, where she was absent for minutes and then returned to the studio with her new face to show solidarity with patients suffering from skin diseases.

Dalida said through her own account on Instagram. "The light of hearts does is not scratched by the diseases of life." she insisted that real beauty is in the soul and not the outside appearance.

Dalida Khelil recently starred in the series "Aswad" with the participation of the Lebanese actors Bassem Moughniyeh, Ward Al Khal, Elias Zayk, Vivian Antonios and Aleco Daoud.