Dana Hourani releases Second Single “LAHZA”

September 05, 2019

It is not typically easy to juggle between two industries, yet Dana Hourani is an exemplar success story. Prior to releasing her first single “Ella Enta,” Dana was and still is very well incorporated into the fashion world. However, music has always been her true calling. Dana’s music mirrors her evolving mindset, as shown through the varying styles of her songs. Her first single “Ella Enta” is more of a ballad, and has reached over 100,000 YouTube views. Following the success of her first single, Dana has released her second single “Lahza,” which portrays Dana in a more dynamic manner, between acting and dancing. The same core team helped Dana develop both of her songs: lyrics and music by Anthony Khoury, mixed and mastered by Sleiman Damien, directed by Nadim Hobeika. These two singles will be a part of Dana Hourani’s first EP, which will be later released in December. Dana says “Love is rarely ready the first time around. Sometimes we need to fall apart to know what it takes to rebuild a relationship.” Hence, one moment can change the course of one’s life. A singular moment of acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness can alter the course of an entire story or relationship. Music Video: Directed by Nadim Hobeika Song: Lyrics & Music by Anthony Khoury Mixed & Mastered by SleimanDamien BTS: Filmed and Shot by Anthony Yazbeck Cover Pictures: Shot By Abdulla Elmaz Project Management: BUREAU DES CRÉATEURS.