David Beckham Accused of Incest?

It's because of one photo...
June 13, 2017

David Beckham is known for spending a lot of time with his beloved children, especially the youngest, Harper. But is his paternal love somewhat excessive? At least, that's what Internet users think...

This controversy was created by one single snap of David with his 5-year-old daughter. The image that the former English footballer shared was absolutely adorable, but others said it was rather "disturbing", even "perverse". Why? Because the picture shows him kissing Harper on the lips, and he had posted it on his Instagram account with the caption "kiss for daddy".

"You are sick to defend it; the truth will come out in the open... It could have been acceptable in the 1990s, but times have changed, we will not defend it any longer... The innocence of children must be preserved", said one of his haters. Beckham fans didn't hesitate to defend him by insinuating that "those who think that this photo represents something wrong are clearly not parents."
What do you think?