Dealing with infidelity

Do not take any decisions on the spot!
By Janine Ayoub
October 11, 2016

Learning that your significant other is cheating on you inevitably causes huge pain. This is a very painful time to go through but it's essential that you make the right decisions. Infidelity is always difficult to overcome, but it does not necessarily mean that your couple is dead. Spécial gives you advice on how to survive this horrible phase.

Do not take any decisions on the spot
Instead, distance yourself for a couple of days. It's time to calmly assess the situation and respond to the real question: is your relationship worth saving? Let the time make its choice, not the other way around. Don't make choices that you will regret later. Never take decisions in times of crisis.

Confide in your family
Sure, this case concerns only you and your partner, but having a confidant can be very comforting. Being cheated on is a very humiliating feeling, and most people prefer not to talk about it. Yet the last thing you should do is to go through this difficult time alone.

Do you really want to hear all the details?
Some people want to know exactly what happened. Try to reveal a minimum of information, because if you describe your situation with too much detail, you will feel even more down and you will probably suffer more than you already do.


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