Details about Nancy Ajram’s robbery

We’re glad she and her family are all okay
By Helena Saadeh
January 07, 2020

The house of Nancy Ajram was exposed to a traumatic accident Sunday, after a Syrian man named Mohammed Hassan Al-Mousa, born in 1989, tried to commit robbery.

In the details, Muhammad stormed Nancy's villa located in New Suhaileh, Keserwan with the intention of stealing, but he was caught off-guard by her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hachem. And when the thief threatened the lives of Nancy’s daughters by going to their room with a gun in his hand, Dr Hachem killed him immediately.

Minutes after the accident, members of the security forces and forensic evidence came to begin investigations, according to the National Information Agency.

Media reported that the young man managed to sneak at night into the house carrying a handgun, threatening the 3 bodyguards and Ajram's husband who was unable to deter him despite his attempts to offer him money to leave.

Despite Fadi’s attempts to dissuade the young man, he continued on his way to the room where the daughters of Ajram were sleeping, threatening to kill those who were blocking his path, and when he insisted on going to the girls ’room, Ajram’s husband tried to deter him from that, but the thief was adamant, and soon the husband of Nancy killed him instantly.

After that, the security forces investigated Dr. Fadi Al-Hachem but considered that he was in a state of legitimate self-defense, considering that the thief broke into his house and attacked his family members armed with a pistol, and he was released today