Did Rihanna Lose Her Sex Appeal?

We can't ignore that she's gained weight...
June 02, 2017

Rihanna has recently gained a little weight, and such a thing does not pass unnoticed, especially in the era of social media. The popstar known for her tiny waist showed some curves a few days ago, which caught the attention of many.

Like any other star, she was violently criticised by various Internet users. Chris Spags Spagnuolo, publisher for Barstool Sports's website, insinuated that the 29-year-old celebrity is launching "a new fashion for big girls" and that she "ordered too much room service", and that maybe she was "pregnant", but the article was quickly deleted after furious fans reacted to his hurtful words.

It's true that Rihanna isn't as thin, but she's far from losing her sex appeal! Her breasts and thighs have gained volume, which make her appearance more sensual and feminine.