Dior: Tales of the Wild

A series of documentaries in 4 episodes.
September 14, 2016

Each episode focuses on describing an extreme life choice, and turning one’s back on a mapped out destiny. Each of these heroes has decided on a living environment and a moral stance blending high standards, physical strength and introspection. In the first episode "AIZKOLARI" we discover Arthur Van der Putten who dedicates his life to preserve ancestral traditions of "Basque Strongman". A set of highly physical that he is doing by desire of surpassing oneself and will of transmission. In the Australian opus "SOLACE", the surfer Harrison Roach lives only for, and through, the ocean, in a spiritual dialogue with himself, tracking the perfect wave, day after day. Reluctant to any idea of performance, he cultivates a truly contemplative life philosophy. Fascinated by the "GAUCHO" way of life, the Austrian Jakob Von Plessen has followed the path of his childhood heroes. Secluded in the splendour of the Patagonian landscapes, he is in complete osmosis with his horses and welcomes those who want to discover this lifestyle. And lastly, Ethan Pringle, the barehanded climber, forms one body with "EL CAPITAN", the famous Yosemite rock face in the Californian desert. With impressive bravery and gracefulness, he defies the emptiness and continuously explores new paths in the pursuit of physical and spiritual elevation. For Dior, the filmmakers duo formed by Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson came to meet those singular and strong-willed men. Convinced of the necessity of true meetings, they took the time to "tame" those adventurers who made Nature their quest and ideal.

Working all around the world, they sometimes have to film in extreme conditions in order to capture authentic moments. They chose to catch the men’s characters with a 16 mm anamorphic film roll that became scarce. Their images do possess a unique grain, a real vibration, allowing them to portray those four solitary, deep and humble heroes. They have chosen hard work and contemplation as well as long-term technical mastery. Nothing on earth could make them want to be anywhere else.