Divorce: Amal and George Clooney

Is it true?
By Helena Saadeh
February 02, 2019

The news is spreading everywhere in such a fast way. But, are these divorce rumors true?

A lot of news outlets have alleged that the dearest couple to our heart is filling out divorce forms. Sources say that they are currently battling over the custody of their twins. Some reports also state that the two are no longer living together and that Lebanese Amal Alamuddin took Ella and Alexander, the couple’s adorable kids, and moved to the family house in Sardinia, the Italian island. In addition, people also added that Amal only allowed Georges to come see the kids if he’d stay in the guest house. Rumors are escalating since the two haven’t been spotted together since August.

On the other hand, a lot a news website stated that they have seen the couple holding hands last month as they left the UN event in New York. Clooney’s representative also seemed to deny the case and say that the couple is perfectly fine and all these are just made-up rumors. It always seems that people are trying to make news out of their own interpretation, so far, no rumor is confirmed and we hope none will ever come true. Until then, we’ll respect the couple’s privacy until their next event.