Dwayne Johnson’s 7 Year Old Fan Dies

He must be devastated...
August 03, 2016

Cancer patient Gabriel Singleton, who goes by the name “Tater”, was one of Dwayne Johnson’s biggest fans. The 7 year old boy even got the chance to meet the wrestler-turned-actor on the set of Baywatch’s remake. Sadly, after a long battle against cancer, the little boy passed away.

Johnson decided to pay tribute to this courageous boy on Instagram and offered condolences to his family. He posted a photo with “Tater” and wrote: “Many of you know the story of strong little Tater whose wish was to meet me. We go through life and work hard, enjoy some success, learn from our mistakes, provide for and protect our families – as a man there’re some things I’m 100% certain of. Those are things I/we can control. Then there’s some things, as much as it pains me, we just can’t.” Johnson continued: “I believe everything happens for a reason – but sometimes it requires us to have faith to look deeper to know what they are.” Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.