Eastern Beauty

June 26, 2018

They have the reputation of being among the most beautiful women in the world. These beauties from Eastern Europe give us their secrets for a natural glow and soft skin.

Diana Rizk: skin passion
Your beginnings?

I have always been passionate about the world of beauty and aesthetics. At 10 years old, I used to remove my sister's blackheads and apply masks on her face. After completing my studies in Russia, I took training courses in London, Italy, Greece and Russia in order to be able to reflect the inner radiance of my clients' skin.
After working experiences in London, I got married and settled in Beirut. That's when I decided that I had enough experience and knowledge to start my own business. Eight years ago, I opened my first institute in Hazmieh, Mar Takla, a stimulating and exciting experience at the same time. I have learned so much and the number of clients is increasing. Today, we moved into a new premises in Baabda-Hazmieh which includes 26 rooms.

Your inspiration?
My clients are my first inspiration because being a beautician involves interacting with them, establishing a relationship of trust, evaluating and treating their skin in order to rid it of all its problems and give it a beautiful glow.

What is your signature and what distinguishes you from other beauticians?
I give of myself to perform the care for the face. I am famous for the variety of treatments and masks that I propose. Nothing reflects beauty better than self-confidence, a woman must have confidence in her skin. If someone says you do a lot of treatments and masks, you should say yes! I do it because it gives me confidence to go out for lunch or dinner without makeup!

What are the common skin care mistakes that Lebanese women make?
They undergo bad treatments or use the wrong products.

What are the three steps that every woman should follow before going out?
1- Use a cleanser.
2- Apply serum.
3- Never forget the sunscreen.

What is your favorite product?
The brand Juliette Armand, knowing that I am the exclusive distributor in Lebanon. Clinical and dermatological tests of raw materials and finished products combined with strict toxicological tests guarantee the safety of cosmetic products of this brand.


Ivanna Salameh: The offbeat natural
Your beginnings?

Makeup has always been my passion. Seven years ago, I had the chance to show off my talent as a model. A photographer asked me to do my own makeup. The photos were incredible, and after this shoot, I received a lot of make-up requests.

Your inspiration?
I look carefully around me, I pay attention to the smallest details. People often inspire me, not by their appearance, but by their way of thinking. Sometimes a simple conversation can gives me a lot of ideas. Inspiration is everywhere, most of the time spontaneous ... it's often something I did not expect to see or feel.

What do you like most about your job?
The fact that it can change people's lives.

What is your signature and what sets you apart from other make-up artists?
Natural with a hint of boldness! I'm famous in Lebanon for my creativity. I like everything that is out of the box. All women who want to be different seek my services, at least that's what they tell me!

How do you describe working with Lebanese women?
Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's difficult, but it's always different.

What is the difference between Lebanese beauty and the beauty of Eastern Europe?
Lebanese, European, Chinese, African... Can we compare beauty? I do not believe that.

How do you adapt European make-up to Lebanese style?
It's not about adapting a makeup style. In fact, when I look at the woman's face, I can guess the type of makeup that suits her, taking into account the event she is involved in, the clothes she's wearing, etc.

Does makeup beautify all women?
Yes, if it's done correctly.
What is the most important skin care tip you can give to women?
A healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, a good night of sleep (without makeup) choose the right moisturizer and apply sunscreen every day.

What are the common makeup mistakes that Lebanese women make?
Many women use far too much concealer.

A beauty trend that you would like to disappear?
Eyebrow and lip tattoos!


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