Eliane Khawand: Sweet feline

By Janine Ayoub
January 10, 2018

Eliane stands out. A luscious brunette with a gaze of a princess and contagious determination, our national Jasmine has something special that makes her unique.
Eliane isn't at all like these influencers who want to revolutionize the world of fashion. Social media addict? Not really. Her Instagram account doesn't reveal any of her numerous travels. Vague pictures here and there. Nothing more. The new face of MTV's morning show shines even off-screen. Her astrology sequence allows her audience to discover an endearing girl, whom we would like to know.
Eliane is someone well surrounded. She comes from a family of academicians, so she quickly chose the path of celebrity. Her mother, professor of economics at the Lebanese University, has never been against the dreams of her little girl, even if at first, she didn't really believe in her. "All girls dream of becoming famous, but I knew I would do nothing else." Her brother is an architect. Her sister is a lawyer and the other a doctor in political science.
The opportunities were offered to this ambitious woman. "Without looking for it, I was offered to participate in Miss Earth, I never really took it seriously but soon after, I was crowned and it was the beginning of my fame."
In 2016, she won her first role in "Al Layl Al Hazin" alongside Wissam Hanna. "I discovered I had talent as an actress," she admits. "It was then that I realized I was born for television".
She's a rebel at heart. A mix between traditionalism and independence. "I am a very oriental but also a liberal girl. If I'm here today, it is first and foremost thanks to myself and my determination. Eliane lives in her bubble with her friends. She flees false friendships she has experienced in her life. Her circle is very small and her lifestyle is very zen. The secret behind her tiny waist? Maybe this burger she just devoured before our interview! "I'm not on a special diet. I have always had a beneficial metabolism and I enjoy it!".
The sultry brunette will share the big screen with a Syrian celebrity for her first role on the big screen. "I prefer to keep the rest of the details a secret so that you could be surprised. Shooting a movie in Egypt is a dream come true and it's only the beginning," she says.
A mother in about ten years? "I'm not made to be a mother. At least that's what I believe for now. Falling in love misses me." She has fallen in love before but preferred her career and her autonomy. Eliane knows what she wants. That may be what makes her special.

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