December 15, 2017

The young businessman imagined and built the first ecological and futuristic shopping center in the country.

Tell us about you
I am an international business development expert. What I have been doing for years is the creation of new business concepts and the realization of these concepts; from planning to construction and management. In addition, we are a group of well-determined and passionate investors with a mission for these next four years to give Lebanon and the Lebanese. We wish to contribute to the tourism development of Lebanon. Thus, our goal is to create jobs and favorable niches for start-ups in order to stimulate economic activity that is becoming more and more inaccessible for small investors. Finally, I hope that we will succeed in realizing all of our projects because we aim for the best for Lebanon and our fellow local or abroad citizens.

What's the idea behind Eco Mall 101?
Eco Mall 101 is an "Eco" concept as the name suggests and our ideas are many. In the first place, Eco Mall 101 is an economic and ecological project because of the word Eco. In addition, to better meet the needs of the Lebanese we must listen, because we are listening to their echoes.
Also, our goal is not to be a standard shopping center but to create a friendly and dynamic community center that will offer a great shopping experience but also other services that we don't find in a shopping center, all at very affordable prices. We want to open the doors to new concept creators, "101" concepts with low budgets, and we estimate the creation of about 150 new jobs.
Thus, Eco Mall 101 will be built in a futuristic, smart, and environmentally friendly way to better save energy and expenses in order to guarantee affordable rents.

Which customers and suppliers is Eco Mall 101 meant for?
Our goal is to educate the public to be "greener" and show that we are able to do more with less resources and damage to our environment and quality of life.
On the other hand, the suppliers who wish to contribute in the commercial activity and to become members of ECO will be admitted by file study and according to three categories:
- Franchises already confirmed
- The shops and the successful restaurants
- Hyper-motivated start-ups with an extraordinary idea.
Eco Mall 101 will support communication and marketing to reach the general public.