Elissa Spoke about her cancer

Such a role model
By Helena Saadeh
March 17, 2019

Lebanese star Elissa is set to come back to the Global Village in Dubai to perform on February 2. This isn't her first time performing on this stage; last February, she fainted amidst her show, right away a while later dropping a music video for her song "Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni" which uncovered that she's spent the year battling breast cancer.

Elissa talked about her sickness and her choice to keep this terrible news to herself for a long time before sharing it with family and companions. She also revealed that she didn't let the sickness affect her work or, to the unnerve of her specialists, let it stop her from working. She talked about transforming her ordeal into a way to help and strengthen other women, and more important to use her celebrity status to conduct an awareness campaign pushing women to get tested once a year.

She revealed to her audience , “Positivity is the only way to deal with something like cancer. My father, who had stomach cancer, was given only six months to live. However, with the love and support of family, he lived for seven years.”