Emma Stone and Her Boyfriend Dave McCary at the SAGA Awards

They look so cute together
By Helena Saadeh
January 29, 2019

Emma Stone kept a major relationship achievement moderately relaxed the previous evening at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. This was the first time Stone had taken her date SNL writer/executive Dave McCary whom she started dating in October 2017, to an honor show occasion with her and posed for photographs. The two did not walk celebrity main street together. Stone did that performance, presenting in her deviated Louis Vuitton gold and dark jumpsuit. In any case, they were shot close by one another in the occasion (and Bradley Cooper). McCary had his arm around Stone. The trip comes after the two were seen on an open date not long ago at a ball game.

Stone and McCary initially met in December 2016 when Stone featured in the "Wells for Boys" outline that McCary coordinated while she was facilitating SNL. At the point when news of their relationship opened up to the world, Page Six announced that they had been dating secretly for three months. That implies they began dating around late July/early August 2017.

Stone has kept her love life moderately private, particularly since she and her last prominent beau, Andrew Garfield, finished their relationship in October 2015 after over three years of dating. While there were bits of gossip at one point that Garfield and Stone could accommodate—the two were shot hanging out in London together in August 2016 and Stone was later answered to have flown over to visit him there in summer 2017—Garfield was last connected impractically to Rita Ora in November, albeit neither Garfield nor Ora have affirmed their relationship.