Eros, God of Love

By Janine Ayoub
February 21, 2018

What is the 2018 version of a sexy man? A wild guy like Tom Hardy who always surprises us, or a cerebral lover like Michel Onfray? Take a look at the new icons of sex appeal that have been part of our fantasms.
Every woman fantasizes, but they don't all know it. To better apprehend this moving and mysterious erotic imagination, here is an overview of the new virile figures that transcend us in 2018, and what they reveal about us.

The cerebral lover
IQ is sexy. And sometimes more than a beautiful appearance! There is even an Instagram account called Hot Dudes Reading, a kind of catalog of handsome guys who read in the subway of New York. Some dating sites, such as OkCupid offer the option "sapiosexual" to check in their selection criteria. Serge Gainsbourg and Woody Allen have long embodied this archetype, and it has reappears today in the erudition of a Michel Onfray, named "Sexiest Philosopher in the world" by readers of Glam'mag magazine in the February 2018 issue, or in the British elegance of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

The dad bod
He's potbellied and looks more like Zach Miko than Ryan Gosling. With him, no insecurities, but lots of laughs in very chill pizzas-beer nights. He loves to show off his 'curves' on Instagram. Even though he's less intimidating than a man with the perfect body, we imagine that with him, we can accept our own imperfections.

The start-up boss
The digital world is alluring! We're thinking of stars like Marc Simoncini, Jack Dorsey or Jacob Pabst: they symbolize daring, adventure-seeking, creative, fast-thinking and powerful men.

The big guy with a soft side
The current incarnation of the soft-hearted brute? It's Tom Hardy. It's hard not to be intimidated by his charm in the TV series Taboo, in which he perfectly played the bestial and charismatic antihero. In Venom, airing next October, he will play Eddie Brock, aka Venom, the worst enemy of Spider-Man. After playing Bane in the last Batman of the Nolan trilogy, Tom Hardy will be wearing another incredibly sexy super-villain costume.

The wild guy
If the death of Ragnar, played by the sexy Travis Fimmel, led the spectators of the Vikings series on the verge of apoplexy, the arrival of the dark Jonathan Rhys Meyers in season 5 and the announcement of the arrival of Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky for season 6 had a soothing effect for the depressed fans. The writers of the series understood that it was impossible to kill this archaic fantasy of the wild man, who reconnects us with our untamed nature.