Etiquette Rules We’ve All Broken

We're sure you've broken at least one.
August 15, 2017

Face to face = no cellphones
If you think it’s okay to text while you’re with a friend, or worse, while you’re on a date, think again. Texting someone else when someone is sitting right next to you is plain rude! They will feel unwelcomed and unwanted. Instead, try to enjoy a face-to-face conversation, which is way healthier than looking at your screen all day long.

Climbing into a car also has its rules
Sit down first, then swing your legs in, especially if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. Not only is it way classier than shoving your legs onto the car seat, but it also prevents you from violently hitting your head on the roof.

Don’t cough into your right hand
This one is kind of odd, but it’s among the etiquette rules: you should keep your "social hand" clean, which means you can’t cough (or do other stuff) into the hand you use to shake or wave with, and it’s usually the right hand.

Never return your dishes empty
Most of you didn’t know that, but if someone loans you a Tupperware or any sort of dish, you have to give it back with food inside to thank them. It can be as simple as cookies, or as refined as your home made lasagna.

There’s a right way to sit
Sitting however you feel comfy is considered somewhat impolite. Don’t cross or spread your legs; simply sit with your legs together. It’s more discrete and polite.