Fashion influencers over 40 you need to be following!

40 is the new 20!
June 10, 2019

They are chic, they ooze self-confidence and elegance, and they surely know
how to own and master the fashion trends. Take a look at our favorite
influencers who are over 40 and rocking it!

Grece Ghanem: @greceghanem
She’s 54 and she’s from Montreal, (although we are sure that with a family
name like hers she must have Lebanese blood in her veins), with her white
hair and her bold and stylish looks she has become a true fashion icon,
inspiring women all over the world.

Lyn Slater: @iconaccidental
When this university professor and social worker living in New York launched
her style website, Accidental Icon, in 2014, she was 61. Today she’s 66, and
still slaying it with her daring and eclectic style.

Isabella Thorpe: @confessionsofasuperager
Sexy and feminine, that’s how we can describe the style of Isabella Thorpe,
the 51 year old digital creator is embracing midlife in style, just as she
perfectly summarizes it in her Instagram bio.

Sarah Rutson: @sarahrutson
The 50 year-old former chief brand officer of The Collected Group (which
operates modern womenswear labels Joie, Equipment and Current/Elliott) is a
regular guest at all fashion weeks and a celebrity on many street style
blogs, thanks to her flawless personal taste and her sharp looks.