Feather Eyebrows? Why Not!

Here, birdie birdie!
April 24, 2017

Feathers. This is the new craze of fashionistas and fashion bloggers all over the world. And no, not the kind of feathers you stick on your hair or clothes.

Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen shared an amazing picture of her eye makeup and eyebrows, a look created by her friend @leevittu. He had the awesome idea to split down the middle of her brow hairs using a glue stick. We never would have thought of this, but it sure is artsy! He called his fashion breakthrough Feather Brows.

And to make it even more inventive, the beauty expert added holographic eye shadow and blue mascara.

“So I'm starting this new brow trend. Please recreate it and wear it every day and don’t forget to tag me, like and subscribe. All credits go to my muse @leevittu, he came up with this whilst brushing my eyebrows last Sunday” said Sironen.
Would you try it out?


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