Finally a new realistic trend

No need to put an extra effort to achieve your goal body…
September 05, 2016

Forget about thigh-gap, and say hello to mermaid thighs! This goal is actually achievable; and you might already have. Some people’s thighs touch naturally, and those who don’t manage to get them eventually.

This body-positive trend seems to be more famous by the day; it’s become a real social movement. The hashtag #MermaidThighs was created by confident women to show that it’s perfectly normal, even beautiful to have thighs that actually touch.  

Earlier this year, a Twitter user named @Mijeaux started a hashtag that went viral within days: #ThighsForJeaux. The South-African girl tweeted a photo of her own thighs to spread positivity and end body shaming… and not long after that, millions of users started posting snaps of their thighs with this hashtag.

Whether you have a thigh gap or mermaid thighs, curves or no curves, remember that you’re all beautiful in your own way.