Find the Perfect Foundation from the Comfort of your Home

Wait, is it even possible?
July 24, 2017

IPhone owners, if you haven’t heard about it yet, this news will make your day. And those who don’t own an iPhone are gonna wish they had one. There’s a new app that actually analyzes your complexion and blends a customized foundation that has the same exact color as your skin tone. It sounds impossible, but it does exist! The app is called MATCHCo, and it’s available on the Apple app store.

How to use it: first of all, calibrate the back camera on white paper. Then, simply scan your skin tone by placing the camera over your inner wrist, outer wrist, forehead, and finally your right and left cheeks. The app will then analyze your skin tone and voilà… A perfect match!

Plus, the foundation is multi-functional. Not only is it responsible for color coverage, but it’s also a primer and a moisturizer. This scientifically tested product is made with natural ingredients and is not tested on animals!