Flirting 101

Sometimes kisses are given with the eyes
By Helena Saadeh
December 20, 2018


Flirting is not as complicated as you think, as long as you stay natural and true, these tips can help you spark a conversation with a stranger anywhere anytime.

Rule of three

Ever heard of the rule of three? Question-Comment-Compliment! Whether you’re partying or doing your daily work tasks, you always encounter strangers in different occasions, cease the chance! First ask a question -preferably about something that can relate to both of you such as the place - and you don’t have to look at him, just make sure he heard it. Second, as the conversation starts, try to make smart and funny comments on the topic Finally, give him a compliment! Try to be nice to the extra-attractive stranger and tell him what caught your attention about him.

Practice makes perfect

You’ve got nothing to lose and you probably will not see that stranger again, take the chance! Practice makes perfect. On the way to mastering the art of flirting, check what was successful with you and work on it, ditch the moves you think pushed him away or were totally unnecessary. Soon enough, people might come to you for advice!

Don’t come too strong

You don’t want to start a fight nor seem too easy to get, right? Make sure you know “when” to properly use sarcasm and when to be nice. The most important things here is to stay true to yourself and to act natural, you don’t want to fake anything. Think twice before you speak and make sure the other person understands what you’re going to say just as you intended it.

Always be prepared

Social interaction can happen in a shop, in a party, on the road… so always, and we mean always, be prepared! Tip: keep a small makeup palette in your purse for beauty emergencies. Before going out, make sure your hair is fresh, your clothes are not wrinkled, also spray perfume and add a trace of lipstick and mascara at least if you’re very casual. Most importantly, never ever forget to smile!

Leave him wanting more

The art of flirting and the art of teasing have much in common. When you see that the conversation is going really well, try to mingle a few touches on the elbow or hand. Post that awkward phase, when things are getting better, say something like “I really need to go now” or “maybe I’ll see you again, someday”, this will trigger him by surprise and he’ll give his contact info to you.


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