Follow Those Tips and Never Feel Stressed Out Again

If only we knew before…
April 26, 2017

Feeling burnt out from a stressful work environment? Tired of overthinking about the tiniest things? No pressure, there’s a solution for everything, and even the things you think you can’t control. Unlike what you might think, stress CAN be controlled, and the solution is so easy that you’ll be wondering why you had never thought of it before.

Learn to say “no”
Yes, it’s that simple. If you don’t want to do a task, just say no! In fact, not being able to refuse a request shows signs of low self-esteem. Agreeing to everything and not stating your genuine opinion means that you’re prioritizing someone else’s needs without even considering your own. Psychologists suggest that you start by saying “yes, but…” to be able to cope with this transition. 

Just let go!
You just can’t control everything; after all, we’re only human. So why don’t you just let go of the meaningless things that stress you out for nothing, and try to focus on the things that can bring you pleasure and satisfaction. It would be easier to write down all the things that irritate you, and then create a list of all the solutions possible. It’s easier than it sounds, just try it!

Procrastination should be banned
You have a due-date and you’re not even close to finishing the required assignment? No wonder you’re on the verge of a breakdown! Everyone likes to slack off all day, watch the clouds and listen to peaceful music, but there’s always this little voice that reminds you of that pile of documents you have to work on. So, instead of waiting for an eventual disaster, organize your time by setting some reminders a few weeks ahead of your due-date. Who knows, maybe you’ll finish working earlier than expected, and then you can fully relax!