Foods You Didn’t Know Contained That Much Sugar

No wonder why we haven't lost a lot of weight.
August 03, 2016

It’s no surprise that you find plenty of sugar in cake mix, ice cream and cookies when you read the labels… But don’t be fooled by the foods that seem lower in sugar! Here are some products you had no idea contained that much sugar.


Canned Fruits

Fruits put in cans are the same as a bar of chocolate, even if they’re fruits. We did not expect that! 


Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is far from being a diet beverage. Even the ones labeled as 100% natural juice contain added sugar!


Protein Bars

One protein bar can go up to 30 grams! Maybe you should find another afternoon snack.


Dried Fruits

A cup of dried fruits contain up to 81% of sugar. It’s best you stick with the good old natural fruits.


Ketchup and Tomato Sauce

Most tomato-based foods are rich in sugar. Can you imagine that one tablespoon of ketchup contains one teaspoon of sugar?


Salad dressing

Some types of salad dressings have a high dose of fructose, so it’s best advised you make your own dressing with avocado oil, vinegar and fresh herbs.