French fans queue up for posthumous Hallyday album

We can't wait to get our hands on the record!
By Janine Ayoub
October 19, 2018

They have been waiting for that day for months. Johnny Hallyday’s fans started queuing several hours before the official release of their idol’s posthumous album in front of the Fnac Champs-Elysees. Mon pays c’est l’amour was released this Friday, October 19 at 00:01 and 800,000 copies of the album went on sale at midnight.
Last time his fans gathered in the same location was in December 9, 2017, the day thousands of people paid tribute to France’s favorite rock singer.
Mon pays c’est l’amour, the most anticipated album of the year is a mix of rock, rockabilly and blues and already on the way to break all records. Warner studios said they expect Hallyday's 51st studio album to go platinum (100,000 sales) within minutes. The cover features a black-and-white picture of France's answer to Elvis Presley, with a hand on one hip, staring off into the distance.
Laeticia Hallyday dedicated a message to her late husband on her Instagram and Twitter accounts: "To you, to our loves, to your loves, to the passion of living, the freedom to think, to your music, I love you, forever.”