Gavin Ford, always in our hearts

Our morning turned into a mourning
By Helena Saadeh
November 27, 2018

BEIRUT – Lebanon: Radio One’s beloved host Gavin Ford was found dead in his Beit Mery apartment this morning. Internal Security Forces alleged that the victim was strangled to death. Sources also implied that the victim’s car was stolen and that he was found covered in blood with his hands behind his back tied in a piece of cloth. Gavin’s colleagues were worried about his unexplained absence Tuesday morning as they called the ISF for help, stated sources from Annahar. the reason behind this murder is still unexplained.  Radio One was the first to mourn the death of its popular host in a Facebook post:

His fans and his colleagues raging over his murder made the internet their mourning platform. The Uk embassy is following reports and providing support for his family. Gavin hosted his popular show “"Gavin Ford in the Morning" with co-host Olga Habre, he has been a member of the Radio One family since 1996.