Georges Saade: The revelation

January 12, 2018

His work and his clientele gave Georges the opportunity to be surrounded by people who are pas-sionate about fashion or about their professions, and this is what strengthened his desire to create beautiful dresses. After having finished high school, he studied fashion design at the School of Fashion in Beirut (ESMOD), before joining the family workshop in Doha, Qatar. For more than ten years, he learned, alongside his father, the know-how and experience of the industry.

How do you describe your new "l'aube des Dames" collection?
Behind the minimal form of cuts and shapes hide sophisticated techniques. The short rounded sleeves and Mao collars, for example, refer to ancestral Japanese textile traditions. The necklines and bare back outfits reveal the curves of the female body with modesty. Considerable attention has been paid to the selection of silk fabrics, the work of materials, proportions and every embroidered detail.
From a cocoon jacket to a butterfly dress, each piece is designed to reflect the cycle and metamorphosis of the caterpillar in its chrysalis into an ephemeral butterfly.
Pastel blue and pink tones, shaded or with golden reflections, pearls, Swarowski crystals and gold leaves.
The diversity of silhouettes embodies sensuality and elegance of all times and all ages.

Why did you return to Beirut?
While my father was about to retire, I gradually took over his studio and continued to meet the requirements of our exclusive clientele. This only reinforced my expertise in the design, produc-tion and management of a sewing and embroidery workshop.
Not so long ago, I felt ready to take up the challenge. It was the perfect time to launch my own brand in my hometown, Beirut. Being the fashion capital of the Middle East, and with the views of all the creativity, emulation and talents, I could not imagine opening my first shop other than here.

Your future projects?
I have great ambitions, but in order to achieve them, I have to consolidate the foundations of our young fashion house. It's not only about launching a brand that I'm proud of, but also showing its aesthetic, technical and creative qualities. I hope that with effective planning and flawless execu-tion, I will be able to enter the world of fashion in a manner that's worthy of the dresses that our house produces. Today, our responsibility is to be part of the international fashion community be-cause the goal of our house is to be able to represent and dress women all over the world, in all their diversity.

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