Good Hair Day at 35 Degrees?

Yes, it’s possible!
July 02, 2018

It’s so hard having to choose a good hairstyle for a hot day! We’ve thought about going completely bald at least once a day this summer… but we don’t want that to happen, so here are some hairstyles you could adopt during a dreadfully sunny day.

Négligé Knot Updo
All you have to do to get the look is tying your hair into knots! Divide the lower section of your hair into two pieces, then tie them into a knot. Don’t forget to pin the knot to secure it. Repeat the process with the upper sections, and it’s okay to let some loose strands of hair dangle freely.

Ultimate French twist
It’s just like the classic French bun, but we’ve taken a slightly messy take to make it more modern. Just sweep your hair to one side and put a bobby pin vertically. Then, slip in a row of bobby pins vertically, from the bottom up. Push in the last one downward. Twist your hair and pull it up, then insert bobby pins horizontally into the base of the twist. And finally, spray, spray, spray!

Side bun à la Evita Peron
Here’s how you get the look: pull your hair into a low side ponytail just behind your ear; and secure it with elastic. Separate out a small section and braid it, then put the rest of the ponytail around its base. Pin to secure, then wrap the braid around the bun.