Good Reasons To Make Love

- You’re PMSing
April 13, 2017

- You had a hamburger, fries and Coca at dinner and you need to burn a few calories before going to bed

- You are in full ovulation and your hormones are bubbling

- You’re PMSing and your hormones turn you into a sex goddess

- You want to have a glowing skin and a refreshed face for the rest of the day

- There's nothing interesting tonight on TV, not even on Netflix, and you're done reading all your books

- Your vibrator is out of batteries

- You want to find the famous G spot

- You have one thing to confess to your man and you prefer to do it once he has the smile of the blissful man who just had the orgasm of his life

- You can’t fall asleep

- It's been a long time since you didn’t have sex

- You’re feeling cold!

- The children are at their grandparents

- You just bought a new lingerie set from Agent Provocateur and you hope that your partner will notice it

- The Nutella Pot is empty

- It's Sunday night and you're bored to death. Plus sex will help you fight the Monday morning blues

- You just had a "Brazilian" waxing and your beautician convinced you that "your sensations will double". Well, we'll see!

- Durex has just released a new product and you want to test it

- You need to tone up your muscles

- It's his birthday and you forgot to buy him a gift

- You want to try a new Kamasutra position

- You want a baby

- It's raining outside, so there's too much traffic and so you do not want to go out at all

-You are on vacation

- You want to avoid a discussion that he has just started

- He’s just too sexy tonight with his two days beard

-You simply love him