Guess How Chris Zylka Proved his Love to Paris Hitlon

Now everybody will know he’s hers.
July 14, 2017

Sometimes, an old fashioned love gesture like red roses is too mainstream. Some women want their man to be less predictable, like get a tattoo of their girlfriend’s name on their arm! Yes, it happened. Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Chris Zylka wanted to prove his love to the star, so he got her name tattooed on him. Way to go Chris!

The 36-year-old millionaire shared a picture of the 32-year-old actor’s newly inked arm on Instagram for all her followers to see how happy he made her with this kind gesture. The snap shows that her name is Disney-themed, because for Zylka, she’s “his most magical place on Earth and he finally found his fairytale princess” according to Paris.

Aren’t they the cutest?