Guess What People are Obsessing About

Does Harambe ring a bell?
February 09, 2017

No, they didn’t find the cure to cancer. The world is going crazy over a Harambe-shaped cheeto. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a cheeto. And that’s not all; it’s being sold on eBay for $100k. Apparently, people have nothing better to do than obsess over a piece of chips, but we can’t deny the resemblance!

Chris, the one who discovered the Cheeto Harambe, said that he will be selling it for $99.900 on eBay! He has also revealed that part of the money will be split between him and his coworker who had the idea of selling it on eBay, and the rest will be donated to an animal organization in Harambe’s name. Well, at least he’s spending the cash wisely.