Guess Which Rock Star is Running for US Presidency!

It would be great to have a legendary rocker as President.
August 24, 2016

The Americans will have the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but there's one more person! An international rock star has recently presented himself as a candidate for the presidency. He's none other than Alice Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier.

It would be great to have a legendary rocker as President of the United States, but Cooper's campaign makes it obvious that it's only a joke. The slogan gives us a glimpse of this unusual election: "a Troubled man for Troubled Times". The latter has even created a website for his candidacy.

A varied and unusual program: Cooper wants to add the head of one of the members of his band, Hollywood Vampires, Lemmy Kilmister, to the massive sculpture of Mount Rushmore. He has also demanded that the portrait of the comedian Groucho Marx is to be printed on the American $50 bill. Moreover, the School's Out singer plans to ban talking in movie theatres as well as selfies, except for National Selfie Day.

The extension of his influence should not be limited to US territory. According to the 80s rock icon, he intends to honor Peter Sellers in the UK by printing his face on the 20-pound note.