Hairstyles for Christmas

Be the golden star of the night
By Helena Saadeh
December 05, 2018

Here are some celebrity-inspired hairstyles for you to shine during the Christmas Holiday

  • Big curls

Angelina Jolie’s trademark? Classy and simple with a dash of style, you can adopt that look with a long simple dress and creative earrings.

  • Classic half-updo

Youthful and stylish, the classic half updo is a fast way to style your hair and a guaranteed heart-stealer for the entire evening.

  • Hollywood glamour

Glamour? Yes please! Own the night with your silky hair and take us back to the golden age of cinema. Guaranteed: this hairstyle is bound to boost your confidence since not everyone can afford to look that sexy and attractive.

  • Braid crown

Uh, Kate Middleton who? Show your royal genes with this extremely unique hairstyle and don’t forget to raise your chin, straighten your shoulders, and keep your crown high!