Hairstyles for Fall 2018

Tis the season for hair flip
By Helena Saadeh
November 14, 2018
  • Side braids:

The only accessory you need with that oversized hoodie of yours is your hair. Braids were created specifically for this season. There are infinite ways in which you could braid your hair but we chose for you the side braids for multiple reasons. First, everyone can admire it, including you. Second, it goes really well with the fall pictures you’ve been taking. Third, it is easy to do and acceptable for all occasion.

  • Messy Buns:

You knew this one was coming. I mean, is there a better hairstyle to match your long Netflix nights and many drinks of hot chocolate? Messy buns are quick and easy to do. Even though you think they are very casual, you forget the fact that buns – however messy they are – lift your face and highlight your beauty.

  • Low Tail wrapped by a scarf:

You definitely want to keep the real texture of your hair this season. However, you don’t want it to stay dull and boring hanging from a hair tie, so we have a plan for you. Wrap your hair around a small scarf to add life to your hair and your outfit.

  • Medium to short length hair

Say goodbye to hair balls, hair loss, and unlimited attempt to get the perfect hairstyle. The ‘neck’ length has gone viral this season for many apparent benefits. It makes your hair easily manageable, always ready, and its length is a chic texture by itself.