Hairstyles for this Fall

Are you ready?
By Helena Saadeh
August 21, 2019

Statement hair accessories

From the Chanel show to your everyday street style, hair accessories are the final statement to your outfits. You can add them as a tie to your half ponytail, or you can add some pearls and stones to one side of your hair. 

20’s wavy fringe

Yes, they’re back! Get ready to dive watch The Great Gatsby over and over since this fall is all about these hairstyles. 

Wet hairstyle 

Kim K brought it back a few years ago. But now, everyone is making it the simplest yet most stylish hairstyle from runways to fancy dinners. 

Everything braids

This kind of hairstyle never fades out of style. Braids are alternatives to accessories. They are stylish and can save you from a real bad hair day. 


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
  • Sharon Stone (2013)
  • Bella Hadid (2019)