Here Are Every Model’s Beauty Secrets

This is how you take care of your skin.
March 06, 2017

Genetics aren’t the only reason behind your favorite models’ timeless beauty. Taking care of your skin is the key factor for a more attractive appearance. It means you should take good care of yourself even if you look like Gigi Hadid! Here are the beauty secrets every model swears by:


Steam is your life savior

When you’re a model, you have to wear tons of makeup to walk the runways, and you’ll eventually have to pay the price… unless you cleanse those pores. Don’t be afraid to give your face a deep clean with a facial steam. You can even do it at home: simply get a bowl of hot water mixed with mint tea and put a towel over your head with your face over the bowl.


Toothpaste for a zit emergency

Gigi Hadid taught her sister Bella this beauty hack, and toothpaste is now her new best friend. "My sister always told me to do this, and I feel like it works really well—the toothpaste-on-the-pimple trick," says Hadid. Remember, this is just in case of an emergency. Be careful not to overdo it!


Oils… for your feet!

14cm heels can really be exhausting. Your feet must be crying for help if you’re one of those girls who constantly walk in them for weeks straight! Not to mention those nasty blisters… Of course, every model knows this trick – otherwise they would’ve quit a long time ago – and the secret is: oils! Yes, oils. They’re not only made for your hair and face, you know? Coconut oil and olive oil are our personal favorites.