Here are the best hangover curing foods

November 24, 2017

Hangovers are the worst! Symptoms include fatigue, dehydration, a headache or muscle aches, dizziness, shakiness, tachycardia... In brief, it’s not a feeling we would recommend.
In order to prevent and treat hangovers, what you have to do is mainly to control what you're drinking and eating. But if you're not up to that challenge, we can suggest some foods you can consume to get rid of that annoying feeling.
According to some studies, drinking too much can cause a deficiency in Vitamin A, B, zinc, potassium and others, so be sure to eat foods that are rich in those nutrients.
Eggs, meat, fish and yellow vegetables contain a high level of vitamin A. For a vitamin B boost, you might want to try chicken, and eat some asparagus or animal proteins which contain lots of zinc. For a potassium boost, get some bananas or avocados... And don't forget to drink plenty of water to get rid of dehydration!