Here’s how humans from 'Chile to China' enjoy fantasies and intercourse

The results are quite interesting!
August 04, 2017

A worldwide survey on patterns of sexual activities in various corners of the world has been conducted by a British healthcare company. The DrFelix team, a UK-based online doctor and pharmacy service, spent three months researching a list of scientific and non scientific studies to "filter out interesting data which may shed light on sexual behaviour across the globe."
And the results are quite interesting! For example, you’ll find the most sexually adventurous people on the planet in the major English-speaking nations. The study adds that English speakers like to get kinky. The study also points that almost half of all married couples in Scandinavia are cheating on each other and the majority of Greeks have had anal sex…If you’re Indian, you’re probably contented with your sex life! 
The survey also delved down into what we're thinking. According to the results, men fantasize the most about oral sex while women's biggest turn on is going to a romantic location.
Unfortunately, the study doesn’t mention the Middle East area, but if you’re English speaking, we know you like it kinky!
The entire study can be found on this link