Here's How You Can Get J-Lo's Killer Abs

She does only one exercise.
May 02, 2017

Jennifer Lopez is truly a beauty queen. And don’t get us starting on those killer abs! However, nobody is born this perfect, not even our J-Lo. Getting perfect abs requires some good exercises and an adequate diet. Her trainer, David Kirsch, has revealed the star’s regular exercises. Here’s what he said:
"For her abs and core, we do stability-ball pikes," says Kirsch. He's even given her a stability ball so she can practice on her free-time. The trainer also taught her "stability-ball scissors" exercises, and it consists of lying face down on the stability ball and scissoring your legs. However, one should always keep a healthy diet to maintain a perfect body. This is why Lopez avoids “alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, and dairy,” says Kirsch.


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