High-Tech beauty items

Technology in favor of beauty
By Helena Saadeh
October 10, 2019


This anti-aging facial combines manual maneuvers and advanced tools.  Skin scrubber which removes impurities, ultrasound, light therapy discs stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, wrinkle-filler pens and, in high point, metal gloves to activate micro-circulation and boost the penetration of active by diffusing micro-currents. The effects?  Fewer wrinkles, more radiance, and uniformity, fewer signs of tiredness, better tone.  Count two treatments per week for two and a half weeks, then once per month for maintenance.


The Alma device redraws facial volumes and boosts radiance.  Radiofrequency restarts collagen synthesis and stimulates fibroblast production to delay sagging skin.  Ultrasound breaks and eliminates localized fat deposits. The effects?  Skin tightened and lines were redrawn, the results are visible from the first session, without redness.  Count three to five sessions two weeks apart, then one session per month for maintenance.


This luxurious care with antioxidant green caviar combines manual maneuvers and ultrasounds in a global anti-aging perspective.  Vibrating spatulas remove impurities and dead skin, and an ultrasound probe regenerates the skin.The effects?  The bright complexion and cool shot.  The skin is cleansed, plumped and smoothed.  Wrinkles seem less marked.


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
  • Sharon Stone (2013)
  • Bella Hadid (2019)