Hijabless Iranian woman defends herself against sexist

He threatened to rape her!
October 04, 2018
Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the country made it an obligation for women to wear the hijab as well as a wardrobe that covers the whole body. We’re in 2018 now, and Iranian women have had enough of it! One brave Iranian woman chose to stand up to herself and go out without anything covering her hair, and as expected, there was a lot of staring, name calling, and even threats…
When a random man on the street came across this hijabless woman, he immediately told her to put her headscarf. After she ignored his comments, the man threatened to sexually abuse her: “Do you want me to touch you?”, he said. He then called her a “piece of garbage” and a “w****”. The woman then fearlessly replied: “You are the garbage, you are the w****”, and then walked away.
This anonymous woman’s brave move was caught in a video footage shared on social media, and it has pretty much instantly become viral. It’s the women’s right campaign My Stealthy Freedom that published the video to show people the scary truth of life in Iran. My Stealthy Freedom wrote as a caption to the video: “through campaign, we will keep on exposing this violence that Iranian women have been exposed to for the past 40 years.”
Flaunting the country's conservative Islamic hijab laws was this woman’s way of sharing her voice, and we’re extremely proud that she did, despite the severe consequences she could face for doing such a thing.


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