How is travis scott proving his loyalty

Don't we all want to know?
By Helena Saadeh
March 06, 2019

Among spread rumors that SInger and rapper Travis Scott cheated on his reality tv show star, Kylie Jenner. However, the rapper denied any news concerning fights and cheating. Apparently, Scott is trying on a very large scale to prove his loyalty to Stormy's mother Kylie.

"He has been bending over backwards to prove his love and erase any doubts she has," the source shares. "For Travis to cancel a show and then delete his Instagram meant a lot to Kylie." it is most likely that Kyie and Scott are still together the source added that "Kylie has had a very difficult and emotional last few weeks... She just doesn't know who she can trust." "Having Travis on the road is not easy. She is much happier when he is around and they are all together," the source explains.