How much Arab stars make during Ramadan?

Don’t we all want to know?
By Helena Saadeh
May 12, 2019

Everyone waits for Ramadan series since they become a reason for family and friends gatherings. However, it is also interesting to know how much celebrities make from each of their roles.

Amr Diab received $ 1.3 million, according to a source familiar with the Egyptian telecom sector, by participating in Vodafone's show alongside 10 stars.

Arab singers Mohammad Ramadan, Tamer Hosny, and Nancy Ajram, as well as American star Jean-Claude Van Damme, who participated in Egypt Telecom's "Strongest Card in Egypt", came after Amr Diab in terms of wages.

The artists' wages were as follows:

Amr Diab, million and 300 000 dollars

Van Dam, 750 000 dollars

Mohammed Ramadan, 410 000 dollars

Nancy Ajram, 351 000 dollars

Tamer Hosni, 170 000 dollars